People are sometimes confused between “Conveyancing” and “Property Law”. “Conveyancing” usually describes the legal work and processes and formalities required to transfer homes, undeveloped subdivided land, and interests in commercial buildings. Lawyers usually undertake this legal work, processes and relevant formalities.

“Property Law” is a much broader concept and covers everything from advice on the best methods to own property, to assisting with contract negotiations, looking over agreements for sale and purchase, and reviewing and revising Wills and Trusts.

In a typical home purchase, advice might be needed to protect a purchaser’s interests, arranging suitable conditions, checking everything taking into account  what the purchaser has been told and discovered about the property, obtaining a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) from the local council, and checking the nature of the legal title to the property. Other matters include what financing is needed, and how ownership to the property should be taken – for example in the name of a person, in a trust or a company. If a house is to be built then the building agreement needs to be thoroughly checked.

John handles conveyancing and property law, and also advises people, companies and organisations on matters relating to commercial property. Typical work (for landlords and tenants) includes preparing or reviewing agreements to lease, assisting in negotiating leases, and renewals, and other variations of commercial leases, over everything from shops in shopping malls to offices and warehouses.

John looks after landlord and tenant disputes, and also assists parties involved in residential tenancy claims in the Residential Tenancy Tribunal.

John’s Experience


John has more than 25 years legal experience in most areas of residential and commercial conveyancing and property law, in New Zealand and England, and is a member of the New Zealand Law Society Property Law Section.

After qualifying in New Zealand, John worked in the United Kingdom for a number of commercial property owning companies including a large life assurance company and Ladbrokes (the bookmakers) in their Commercial Property section, dealing with properties in industrial estates and large shopping complexes. He also has experience as a commercial property lawyer in private law firms.

Contact John on (09) 477 0333 or email him to find out more about how his services in relation to conveyancing and property law can help you.