John defends clients for both serious and minor criminal offences.

He offers sound and practical advice and assistance for clients involved in traffic offences, including drink driving, careless driving, dangerous driving, and driving causing injury or death, also assisting with Limited Licence Applications.

John has acted for clients involved in other police matters including allegations of theft, violence, drugs charges and public disorder offences (such as Disorderly Behaviour).

Other practice areas include government departmental and local authority prosecutions Involving such matters as breaches of council requirements regarding buildings, trees and animals, and departmental prosecutions regarding allegations like the wrongful claiming of benefits.

John’s Experience


John has more than 20 years’ experience in Judge Alone matters in the District Court and has appeared in Jury Trials in the District Court and High Court

John has also been involved in a number of landlord and tenant disputes over the years and also assisted parties involved in residential tenancy claims in the Residential Tenancy Tribunal.

Contact John on (09) 477 0333 or email him to find out more about how his services in relation to Criminal offences can help you..