General Commercial

A huge variety of legal work can be labelled as “Commercial”. A lot of this work has to do with property work (see Property and Conveyancing). However John handles a variety of other commercial work including assisting people with the incorporation of companies, and associated transactions, like shareholder agreements, company constitutions and Corporate Governance.

A raft of statutory law in New Zealand affects how companies and organisations conduct their affairs. Compliance with the requirements can be daunting and it is better to get legal advice before a significant issue arises.

John has a deep understanding of how risk can be avoided or mitigated by advising his clients on how their businesses may be affected by Consumer Law, Competition Law, Employment Law and Business Law (for example the impact of the Sale of Goods Act).

Contracts and Disputes

There are many different types of contracts and therefore many different types of contract disputes.

John has been involved in many different types of contracts, including assisting in the drafting of contracts, advising on the interpretation of contracts, and resolving contract disputes. John’s experience includes both business contracts and private personal contracts between individuals and Employment Contracts.

It is better to be aware of things that can or might go wrong and to make informed decisions by involving your lawyer early.

John’s Experience


John has extensive experience in Commercial Law going back over 25 years, in both New Zealand and overseas.

Contact John on (09) 477 0333 or email him to find out more about how his services in relation to Commercial Law can help you.