Dispute resolution is often about solving problems. Sometimes the real issues are personal issues, and resolving a case may mean taking into account both the personal as well as the legal issues, to enable a solution that is acceptable to all sides.

Disputes can be about just about anything and John has seen all sorts, from family disputes, issues over property, Police charges, building disputes, arguments over inheritances, right through to a whole range of commercial dealings. Personal issues can be very important particularly in family disputes about Childcare, Relationship Property and Wills and Estates.

Often the best way to avoid a hearing is to prepare properly by analysing a case’s strengths and weaknesses and then the matter can be resolved by various dispute resolution processes.

There are many ways of resolving disputes. At various stages of a dispute, using his extensive dispute resolution experience, John is often able to discuss matters with the other party or the other party’s lawyer and to reach agreement on resolving issues. Techniques like Mediation and Arbitration may be available and John knows the benefits of using a particular method to suit the parties and the particular situation to achieve the best outcome.

Just because a case is in Court it does not mean it will go to a hearing. It is often possible to negotiate. Often after a Court case has started there can be a Mediation or a Settlement Conference either through the Courts or privately.

John knows from his years of experience that investing time and effort in preparation almost always achieves a better outcome – even if a settlement is negotiated without going through the whole Court process. Preparation allows a negotiation to proceed from a position where all the elements and the real value of any concessions are known.in advance.

John’s Experience


John has acted for more than 20 years in numerous disputes. John has acted for clients in Mediations (in the Family Court and for building cases in the High Court and Weathertight Homes Tribunal) and Settlement Conferences (in the District Court, Family Court and High Court).

John has also been involved in a number of landlord and tenant disputes over the years and also assisted parties involved in residential tenancy claims in the Residential Tenancy Tribunal.

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