When a family breaks up there are usually two issues

1. What happens with the children 2. What happens with the property

If the parties cannot agree and the case goes to Court the issue is what is best for the children?

What used to be called “custody” and guardianship issues are now dealt with as “parenting issues”. The Court will make Parenting Orders regarding how the children spend time with each parent.

Often John is able to work with clients and the other party’s lawyers to negotiate reasonable parenting agreements without the need to go to Court.

If a case goes to Court, the parties may be referred to counselling to try and resolve or narrow the issues and problems. Before a hearing the Court often appoints a psychologist to assess the children’s needs and best interests.

Sometimes Domestic Violence (“DV”) issues are raised and need to be dealt with separately or as part of the same case. Often Courts will require a hearing on DV issues before making parenting orders (a hearing under section 60 of the Care of Children Act).

John’s Experience


John has acted for more than 20 years on numerous parenting matters for both parents and grandparents.

He looks at the case carefully and compares what the client is saying with the best interests of the child or children. John understands that high emotions can be running in a breakup. He has the experience, skills and empathy to help achieve outcomes that are practical and strategic.

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