This Privacy Policy sets out HickeyLaw’s practices relating to the collection and use of Personal information.

Personal information is information about people such as their name, addresses, and telephone numbers. We may collect personal information when we have business dealings.

Purposes for which we may use personal information about you (if you are a client)

  • representing and advising you
  • handling commercial or legal conflicts.
  • sending you information or invitations to events we may be running or involved with
  • financial matters concerning our dealings with you
  • other specific purposes where we advise you in advance or you authorise.

Often we need this information to allow us properly to act on behalf of our clients and to meet our professional obligations as Lawyers.

We may also collect information when our website is visited but this is not personal information. We may use this information to help us administer and improve our website for our and our clients’ and prospects’ benefit.


We may disclose personal information about a client in the normal course of representing them. We may also disclose personal information about a client if:

  • it is required or authorised by the client
  • it is required or is authorised by law or the NZ Law Society’s Rules of Professional Conduct.

Clients' Rights

Clients have rights of access to, and correction of, their personal information. If a client has any questions about this Privacy Policy, or wishes to correct any personal information, please contact John Hickey.